Setup simple wardrive device with Raspberry PI + Kali Linux

/etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf interface=wlan0 country_code=ID ssid=KALIPI hw_mode=g channel=13 macaddr_acl=0 ignore_broadcast_ssid=0 auth_algs=1 ieee80211n=1 wme_enabled=1 # The following is for adding a PW wpa=2 wpa_passphrase=difficultpassword wpa_key_mgmt=WPA-PSK wpa_pairwise=TKIP /etc/dnsmasq.conf interface=wlan0 dhcp-range=,,24h dhcp-option=option:dns-server, Enable and restart services systemctl enable hostapd systemctl enable dnsmasq systemctl restart hostapd systemctl restart dnsmasq References :

Deploying Kubernetes Cluster With Ingress and Load Balancer on DigitalOcean

This article will give you the a simple way how to deploy a kubernetes cluster and it’s components on DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes (DOKS). Along with my learning journey with kubernetes, I started to get my hands on trying kubernetes on DigitalOcean. It’s actually one of my favorite hosting platform that also offers Kubernetes managed service … Read more

Setup kubernetes cluster in Ubuntu 20.04 from scratch

Hello again, this article is a walk through how to setup your own kubernetes cluster with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Some steps are very straightforward, and you can directly follow along while you try to setup yourself. So before get started, I tried this using 2 ubuntu servers : ks8-master : 2gb memory, 2vCPUs k8s-node-0 : … Read more

How to Push Docker Image to Google Cloud Repository (GCR) (Easy steps!)

      Here’s how to push your local docker image to your GCR (Google Cloud Repository). You might want to use your own docker image later for your containerized app or kubernetes. For this research, I use Ubuntu 18.04.03 LTS Install gcloud, see the full instructions here : Once you’ve installed the gcloud, … Read more

Let’s understand Git Submodule

What is git submodule? It is another git project inside your git repository. If you working on multiple git projects but need them in one repository instead. You will be happy to setup git submodule. So here I have two git repositories for example: And since I’m updating the repo-b frequently, I want … Read more

Setup plugin manager for vim on fedora 28

Vim is one of the tool that must have in any unix like system. One of the reason for using vim is the customization and the plugins that can be used depending on the needs. To install plugins on vim, I’m using vim-plugin from┬ájunegunn/vim-plug. Check vim version In fedora vim already installed, but you might … Read more

Setup Systemd Service on Ubuntu 16.04

$ sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/myservice.service [Unit] Description=Run the service [Service] User=ubuntu # change the workspace WorkingDirectory=/usr/local/src #path to executable. #executable is a bash script which calls jar file ExecStart=/usr/local/src/somescript SuccessExitStatus=143 TimeoutStopSec=10 Restart=on-failure RestartSec=5 [Install] $ sudo vim /usr/local/src/somescript #!/bin/sh java -jar /some/file.jar sudo systemctl daemon-reload sudo systemctl enable myservice.service sudo systemctl start myservice sudo systemctl … Read more

Setup Simple Ruby on Rails App On Ubuntu 16.04 From Scratch

Rails is one of the most popular ruby framework out there. And now, I want to try to run the simple app on Ubuntu 16.04 machine. it’s for testing purpose. First, update the system and install essential dependencies: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get build-essential curl sudo vim Install nodejs: $ curl -sL … Read more