Linux machine Failed to hibernate, “system via logind: Sleep verb not supported”

So after using fedora 28 for a while. I tried to configure my power management using xfce power management system.

Looking at these power management settings, are very simple explanation. I set my machine to hibernate or sleep mode when inactive for 16 minutes.

Saved the settings. then I closed the laptop lid, so it started to be inactive until the next 16 minutes. Supposed to be hibernated.

But it did not, instead…

I opened up my laptop, and there is this error:

System via logind: Sleep verb not supported...

It turns out that the states of the machine are not available for hibernate. You can check them out with this simple command:

$ sudo cat /sys/power/disk

Now, that’s a problem. The machine cannot be hibernate, nor suspend if the output is disabled.

The solution is quite simple. Reboot the machine, then enter BIOS mode. This one is requires the BIOS setting, secure boot to be disabled.

Secure boot setting in BIOS

Switch the secure boot in BIOS setting to Disabled. Then reboot the system.

After I rebooted the system with secure boot disabled, the output of /sys/power/disk now is contains more than one, including suspend/hibernate.

$ cat /sys/power/disk 
[platform] shutdown reboot suspend test_resume

The machine’s power management system now can run the machine with hibernate mode.

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